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What Is The Deal....

People often say to me "i bet you see some real weirdos/creeps." Nope...i talk to a fuk tonne of weird and creepy cunts, but they never get past the text phase. These days, i even have my phone set to receive only text messages and not calls. Coz whether you believe it or not, there are people that will text all day given the chance, with no intention of ever making an appointment. Why? Well, the reasons seem to vary. Some text to try and initiate dirty talk, some unsolicited dick pics, then there are some that text to gush about how they wish they could see you, but gosh, circumstances and all 🤷‍♀️ ...and this is not weird to them 🤔 Like, do these same people call up mechanics to drool about their advertising? How they wish they could get their exhaust fixed today, but gosh, circumstances and all 🤷‍♀️...I highly doubt they do. So why is it ok to randomly text an escort in the middle of the night with that kind of rubbish? Just because you're bored, doesn't make it ok to be a pest. I have regular clients who do not make a habit of this, so why would i entertain someone i know is just wasting my time? Just because escorting is the job role i choose to undertake, doesn't mean that I don't have a life that i live, just like anyone else. You want discretion, your privacy respected. So do i.


(An example of what not to do ⏬)


In my opinion, this is just something that should be common sense. Now, personally, telephone etiquette is a HUGE thing for me, but i feel that so many are lacking in it. Even worse is when people feels it's just not needed when making contact with an escort. Making a booking is not rocket science, and nor should it feel like pulling teeth. It can and should be completed within a few text messages. Not be dragged out over hours.



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