Were You Dropped As A Child?


I really don't get some people... like the individual that seems to message me every few days to 'come hang, no sex will be involved'... and is, each time, so shocked when he's told that he will still have to pay. Even after telling him that he should keep track of who he contacts, he still contacts me. Even after telling him that what he seeks can be found on Locanto, he still contacts me.

Or the guy that messaged me the other night;

"$200 for halfa, your place?" Told him no problem, and the suburb i was in.

"I need somewhere to sleep but"

Lol what??? Well he was wanting to see me for 30 minutes, but if he was going to have to drive there he was expecting to sleep there.

Ummmmm... sir, this is not a hotel, and i sure ain't your GF or FWB.

"But how will i get back home?"

How are you getting here?