Sex Ed

* Fair warning, this is a rant. A well earned one at that *

Seriously now guys, where are your brains when it comes to sexual health? The amount of men, of ALL ages, that request natural sex...and the excuses are just laughable.

"But I'm a virgin."

"I believe sex should be enjoyed skin to skin."

"But i know your clean."

"Im allergic to condoms."

Really?! What the fuck is wrong with y'all that think this is ok? You seem to think that STI's are nothing to worry about..."ya can get a pill to fix that right up." Firstly, that is just irrelevant. Who the fuck wants an STI in the first place?!

"But I'll be safe to do it with you... you're an escort, you're clean and you get tested."

Yes! And you know how i stay clean? Because i don't let strangers (or men i know) stick their dick in me without protection.

As for your allergies, there's non latex solutions for that.

It is a sad state of affairs to see so many men care so little about their own (and other people's) sexual health.

I have to say, i think the majority of men may have missed out on the importance of sexual education.