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Pet Peeve - edited


So I know it's acceptable to be fashionably late... hell, when it comes to being most places socially, I'm as fashionable as they come. I always say, if you want me some where on time, then you're best bet is to tell me the start time is an hour earlier than it really is. I may then just get there on time. But when it comes to appointments, I'm on time if I'm not early. And if I'm running late, then I let someone know. Apart from it just being courteous, it's because I understand that a person's time is valuable. So it irritates me to no end when someone books an appointment, only to run anywhere up to 30 minutes late with no phone call or text to let me know (i see 1 individual like this). Contrary to popular beliefs, this irritation is not because I have 100 dicks a day booked, but because I have other responsibilities to tend to outside of this role. And when my time is fucked with to such a degree, it throws everything else out of whack... And I'm bad enough with time management with out that happening. A simple text is all that's needed to avoid this happening. Right? 🤔


Edit- I stand by my above rant....HOWEVER, that does NOT mean that I like ANYONE showing up 45 minutes before their scheduled time slot lmao. Although it is highly flattering that you missed me so much, it is not something that will win you points. And those that know me know this...or should lol. I am not one to be rushed, and believe me, I like to be 100% prepared before I see anyone. Was not impressed but almost died laughing too.

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