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So, unless you have been living in a cave, you would know the stigma that surrounds sex work. Funny thing, stigma...because it seems to be perpetuated by those very same people that use the services of sex workers. It seems, in my experience anyhow, that instead of using the services & fighting for SW's, instead it is those same people that are the first to slam the legalisation of SW as well as the individuals providing the services. These are the very same people to use the term whore & slut in a derogatory way. To perpetuate the idea that all SW's are either junkies, being exploited, in need of saving or just dirty prostitutes. But I can almost guarantee, they're also the people that could point you in the direction of a brothel, massage parlour or independent worker more accurately than Google Maps.

This is a profession as old as time, and although it does involve sex, there are so many more factors than just a guy getting off. Providers aren't just employed to f*ck. There are those that seek company and companionship, social time, those with disabilities that are more comfortable with a SW. People that have more money and less time than your everyday Joe & find the company of an escort more fun & less headf*ck than a relationship. There are individuals unable to be who they really are in their own world (gay, transgender, crossdressers) & those that are lonely and want the close & intimate company of another human being.

In turn, those that work within the adult industry are not all junkies being pimped out for their next hit. Again, that is a stereotype perpetuated by the media, the government and those that use the services. I don't speak for anyone other than myself, but I know that there are providers who live regular lives, study, work other jobs, have families and support networks...there are even those that have partners and relationships that coexist in a healthy & positive way. So before you slam SW's, stop for a minute and realise the harm you cause and the stigma you are perpetuating, especially if you are a consumer of said services.

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