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like a thief in the night

I watch her as she walks, following closely behind. I take in her movements; the graceful way her hips swish, the way the mini skirt perches on them. Dressed like some slutty high schooler, with her tiny sweater that sits just above her navel...low cut, so the soft flesh of her breasts almost tumbles out each time she bends even the slightest. She finishes her look with a loosened tie, thigh high socks and loose pigtails. A real slut. And that's exactly what she likes to be seen as. Why else would she parade around like that? She loves that she draws everyone's eyes...the men and the women. And she does it so easy...I can feel the very heat of her even from this distance. Her sway draws my eyes, so hypnotic. The way her skirt rides up a little with each stride, just on the side she is stepping. I want to know what she has under there. I need to know. I draw closer to her as we head through the station gates. Arriving just in time to step through the doors before they closed. I smiled inwardly - the carriage was packed tighter than a virgin pussy.

I stood with my back pressed against the window as we left the station. She was stood right in front of me, not inches away. I could smell her perfume, mixed with the sweet smell of her sweat. Being taller, I was able to look over her shoulder; catching a sneaking glimpse of flesh each time the train rocked. I didn't need to worry about looking suspicious at this time of, she was one of those girls that was so far up her own ass, she noticed very little outside her own orbit. As the train stopped to let in more passengers, she was shoved roughly against my chest, pressed in by more people and unable to move away from me. I could feel her try to jerk away the moment her beautiful round ass made contact with my cock. All she did was succeed in getting herself pushed back further. I feigned a shocked gasp, loud enough just for her ears, that way when I started to move my hips, I could make it seem like I'm trying to hide myself, while simply burying myself firmly between her cheeks. We stayed that way until we reached her stop. Once off, I idled over to the coffee stand so that she wouldn't pay any mind to me getting off at the same stop. I watched her walk away; I wasn't worried about losing her. I had been doing this now for months. I knew her route and routine like my own.

I gave her a good head start before heading off, loving this time of day in the city. Not quite afternoon, not exactly evening, but that time in between, where everyone is so busy to get done with the day that you can slip through a crowd smoother than oil, with no one noticing you there. I'm just in time for the final leg of the journey, and while she makes her final stop at the wine shop next door to her apartment building, like she does every afternoon, I slip inside the building to get myself positioned. I race into the elevator and head to my desired floor, picturing her as she picks her usual bottle of wine. She has no idea how she will be enjoying that bottle tonight. I smile to myself as I lean behind the corner adjacent her apartment door, giving myself a clear run. I hear the elevator ding and the doors open. She hums as she walks, her headphones obscuring any noise I might make. She has her keys in her hand, and directly into my line of sight she now appears. She slides it into one lock of her apartment door...turns it, removes it...then the second lock...she slips it in, turns it and that is when I rush her, pushing against her as hard as I can, propelling us both through the doorway. Once in, I give an extra shove so she pinwheels forward, I take the keys from the door and slam it in one swift movement. Then I'm on her before she's gotten her bearings...

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