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There is such a thing as text etiquette, and it is something i am very big on. As anyone who knows me knows, im not holding anyone's hand through this. If you make this process feel like pulling teeth, I'm out.

Some of the following are what not to do when contacting me.

This one is a special one, and added here because this guy actually came and saw me at an incall i did in Fullarton about a year ago after making much the same booking, only to play dumb on arrival without enough money. Suffice to say he flaked then, too. But too be so dumb as to contact me again with the same bs story.... STILL on holidays here lol.

And some more bright ones.

At least i can show you a couple of positive ideas of how you go about it.

Sadly due to cleaning out my phone, I've lost 2 of the best examples, but this gives you a good idea none the less.

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