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Nobody is entitled to the services of any provider. Let that sink in. I'm not just talking about escort services either. I'm talking about any service provided, your car serviced, the girl that serves you in the supermarket, even you doctor. If you act in a manner that is threatening, forceful or abusive, you can and often will be refused any type of service.

So why is that some people think they can behave in such a way, yet still think that they are entitled to access that service? Just because they have money, or because an individual is employed in the role of the service they're trying to acquire?

The very fact that one could behave/treat a provider in such a disgraceful manner, and still expect service from that specific provider, absolutely dumbfounds me. Especially when said service is an intimate one such as SW. I mean, do these people have such little respect for themselves that they want to pay to be hate fucked? Or they like living on the edge so much that they get a thrill out of putting their junk in the hands (& mouths) of those they've disrespected??

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