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A Belated happy New Year

So here we are again, already over a week into another new year. I for one can definitely say 'thank FUCK' that is over. Between psycho's and Covid, the past eighteen months to 2 years are DEFINITELY nothing I wish to remember.


Life is stranger than it has ever been, thanks to the impact of Covid, with no real ending in sight. A 'new way of life' - this was definitely not what I envisiioned - has seen major changes in the lives we once knew. And now we are seeing just how effective the governments 'vaccine' is, which just sparks more insanity from the anti-vaxxers. I think it would be fair to say, I think this is how life is going to be for an incredibly long time to come. Thankfully we at least made it through Christmas without being locked down (though my sympathies are with those that are now stuck with interstate travellers until further notice lol).


And though being vaccinated may seem like a moot point, I am double vaxxed. And in a bid to keep myself as healthy as possible, all wishing to see me will now be required to show proof of vaccination. I will not be seeing anyone who is unable or unwilling to provide this proof - which really, considering the amount of those willing to 'provide proof of sexual health for natural services' (which again, i reiterate, i do NOT offer) - showing proof of vaccination should be no problem.

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